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Cursor Collections

Anime cursors
Anime cursors are custom mouse pointers featuring popular anime characters, such as Naruto, Pikachu, and Sailor Moon. These cursors add a touch of fun and personality to your computer experience
Oreo collection
The Oreo cursor collection offers a variety of mouse cursors inspired by the iconic Oreo cookie. This collection includes designs like blue and black Oreo cursors, each adding a unique touch to your computer desktop. They are easy to download and install, making customization fun and effortless.
Game cursors
The game cursor collection offers a diverse range of custom cursors designed for gamers.
Cuphead characters cursors
The Cuphead Characters Cursor Collection is a Chrome extension that offers a variety of animated cursors inspired by the popular video game.
Star Wars cursors
Experience the power of the Force with our collection of Star Wars cursors. From lightsabers to iconic characters like Darth Vader and Yoda, these custom cursors bring the epic saga to life on your screen. Choose your favorite Star Wars cursor and join the intergalactic adventure in style. May the cursor be with you!
Minion cursors
The Minion cursor collection offers fans of the lovable yellow creatures from Despicable Me a chance to add a touch of mischief to their computer scree
Naruto cursors
Naruto cursors are custom mouse cursors featuring characters and icons from the popular anime and manga series, Naruto. These cursors allow fans of the series to personalize their computer experience and display their love for Naruto in a unique way.
Among Us cursors
The Among Us cursor collection is an array of custom cursors featuring popular characters such as Avatar Aang, Vegeta, Son Goku, and Nita in the art style of the popular online game, Among Us
Tom and Jerry cursors
Tom and Jerry cursors collection is a fun and playful pack that features a variety of cursor designs inspired by the beloved cartoon characters. With a total of 13 custom cursors, this collection is perfect for fans of Tom and Jerry looking to add some animated flair to their computer.
Marvel Comics cursor
Marvel Comics cursor collection by Comics Marvel offers fans the chance to bring their favorite characters to life on their computer screen. With a wide variety of custom cursors featuring Marvel heroes, fans can add a personalized touch to their browsing experience and express their fandom beyond the comic pages.
Base Cursor Space
Enhance your desktop with the beauty of celestial objects and explore the vastness of the universe with Collection cursor Space!
The Cursors
Step into the world of endless customization with Collection "The Cursors."
Textures cursor
Experience the power of texture with Texture cursors.
Colored - Mouse Cursors
The Colored pack Mouse Cursors is a collection of vibrant and visually appealing mouse cursors that you can use to personalize the appearance of your computer cursor.
Bibata Cursor Collection
This cursor set is a masterpiece of cursors available on the internet, hand-designed by Abdulkaiz Khatri.